My Life with God

A Box of Books

It’s no surprise my oldest granddaughter loves to read. As I planned for her birthday, I knew books would be involved. I recalled a gift idea I’d seen around Christmas. It was for an adult: wrap twelve books individually, providing one for each month of the year ahead. A month is a long time to wait for a little, so I decided to up the count and make it a weekly gift. I wrapped each book and placed them all in a storage box with a lid, something that could later be used for books or toys or something else. I included a note that let her know she could open one each weekend as long as she asked her parents each time. I figured they could adjust the guidelines if needed.

She has opened about a half dozen by now. I’ve enjoyed reading several of them with her when at her house. She’ll run out in several months, and they might decide only to keep her favorites and pass some others along. The weekly opening of a book brings a lot of joy.

I found joy in the planning and preparing, and there’s definitely joy in the unwrapping and reading. Sometimes it is fun to spread the joy across time.

Gift or no gift, you can do the same: spread the joy across time and share it with others.

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