My Life with God

One Strap or Two

photo-1495968283540-e1df41995ba6I carried my backpack through the airport with one strap over one shoulder. It’s the quick way to get moving. I arrived early and decided to walk the length of the terminal to get a bit of exercise before grabbing a bite to eat and relaxing before my flight.

My backpack felt heavy. I decided to shift and use both straps, and I immediately felt relief. The weight was the same. I could still feel it, but the distribution made it more bearable.

It’s the same when we share burdens with others. The burdens are still there, but they’re distributed in a way that is bearable.

When we authentically share life with others, we carry our burdens together. We distribute the weight of life. The weight will never go away. Life is challenging. But when we humbly journey with others, we feel a little lighter.

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