My Life with God

Coming Home

photo-1557176497-fb00ab6e4e32I have always enjoyed travelling, and I did so quite a bit for quite a few years when the girls were in middle school through college. As much as I enjoyed the adventures and opportunities, I always anticipated coming home. There was a peace, a settled feeling to it.

I felt that again on this trip.

I’ve travelled since moving into my new home, but this time was different. I anticipated home with a deep contentment. Perhaps I was unsettled for so long that it took a bit of time for me to feel the resolved level of serenity.

My clean garage welcomed me. I opened the door and smelled the familiarity of home. My bed felt so good that night. But it wasn’t the house itself as much as it was a sense of contentment and stability. It was comfort and reassurance. It was a sense of belonging. It was gratitude in where I am spiritually as well as physically.

Where are you at home and why? At times, that place will be in process. You’ll unexpectedly need to move on or readjust. You might be searching for a place and situation to call home. Be patient and pursuant.

The sigh is worth the process.

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