My Life with God

More Than a Day Off

Sabbath isn’t about doing nothing. It’s much more intentional.

Maybe you had a reaction at the mention of Sabbath. It recalls some legalistic structure that never seemed to make sense to you. I was recently reading a book written at a time Sabbath was much more disciplined than it is now, and there was a story of how the girl didn’t like the stillness of Sundays. Then her dad told her a story about her grandpa’s experience when he was a boy, when some of the expectations were much more strict. I don’t like to get into the trap of “well, it’s better now than it was then.” I simply want to extend the reminder that things change across time and situations. Your specific experiences cannot be generalized and applied to a widespread belief or expectation.

Read the following slowly and invite it to settle:

Sabbath isn’t about doing nothing. It’s much more intentional.

Instead of trying to sort through what rules you should follow, take a step back and consider what God invites you into. What is his purpose for Sabbath? Why did he set it aside as different than other days? Instead of considering what you’ve been told, what habits you’ve developed over time, and what baggage and misunderstandings you might have, explore truth. I can pretty much guarantee you won’t determine clear answers about every detail. However, I think you’ll find some focus for being intentional in the Sabbaths ahead.

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