My Life with God

A Challenge to Encourage

The past couple years have been hard on a lot of people. Sometimes I think of groups of people who seem to have especially faced a sustained burden of some sort: healthcare workers, teachers, restaurant owners and servers. Then there are people who lost a loved one but couldn’t travel or have a lot of family and friends along. There are people who lived in assisted living and were isolated from their favorite people for months. There are people who couldn’t go out as often and were lonely and others who had to be out more than usual and were overwhelmed. There are day care providers, clergy, funeral home directors, coroners, and law enforcement whose jobs were filled with a different sort of challenges.

Perhaps you’ve reached out to people over the past couple years. You’ve found creative ways to support others. Or you might have disagreed with many of the ways the pandemic was handled so you minimized the ways others’ lives were impacted. Whatever our opinions, if we have many interactions with others, we can’t help but see the wear and tear on people’s lives and families.

Today’s post is a challenge for you to reach out to a person or group of people this week. If you’ve consistently been supporting and encouraging a specific group or friend, reach beyond them. Challenge yourself to see more and serve more. Be generous with your words and time. Pause long enough to see other people’s perspectives, then let them know you notice.

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