My Life with God

Lessons from the Mezzanine

I recently went to the theatre. It’s been several years, although I made it to one outdoor show last year. There were several reasons I was surprised it worked out as I sat in my mezzanine seat. It was an excellent performance. Perhaps my senses were heightened because I was so appreciative of being there, because several lessons from the mezzanine came to mind throughout the afternoon. And the lessons aren’t limited to the theatre.

  • Notice the back row. The people in the back row on stage have put in pretty much the same amount of time and have pretty much the same talent as the leads. Maybe it’s not the right fit for now to be a lead, but the stage wouldn’t look the same without them. The sounds wouldn’t be as full without them. They contribute. They are needed. They are valued.
  • There are always distractions. Someone’s alarm went off for several minutes behind us. People’s movements caught my attention every now and then. Then there are the little things happening on the stage that aren’t specifically the focus. It’s important to pay attention to the main but also notice the other.
  • Endure the extra inconveniences, time, and effort. Of course, there were additional procedures due to the pandemic. While some battles are worth fighting, we need to realize what we miss out. Sometimes the extra effort is worth it for ourselves and others.
  • There are lessons to learn. Always. Some things affirm us, and we like those things. We tend to brush off the things that we don’t want to accept, or dismiss them as not applicable to us. But we need to pause and reconsider the lessons we face.
  • We don’t check out. There are moments of escape, but real life happens simultaneously. It all blends. We don’t escape as much as enhance and truth check.

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