My Life with God


When the wheels on your vehicle are aligned, your vehicle goes where you guide it to go. It stays on the road. It’s responsive to your touch on the steering wheel. When your wheels aren’t aligned, your touch on the steering wheel has to adjust. The vehicle will automatically drift to one side or the other, so your touch must become lighter to one side and stronger to the other. You no longer get to concentrate simply on where you’re steering, but you also have to consider another factor and adjust accordingly. It’s much simpler to consistently realign the wheels of your vehicle and simplify the process of driving.

The same is true spiritually. Living a faithful life is difficult in and of itself. It takes every bit of focus you have in every moment. It’s easy to get off track. Life will pull away your attention and effort. Distractions are everywhere around you. You can eliminate some of those distractions with simple maintenance. Sacrificing a small amount of time and effort every now and then can clear one thing off your distractions list. But you need to let an expert realign you. Only God can truly realign your faith. He’ll fit you in anytime, but you have to yield to him.

Don’t wait another moment. Schedule regular realignment. It’s not comfortable; you have to allow God to examine you and make the adjustments he knows are best for your season of life. It’s not cheap; you have to give yourself to him. But God’s realignment in your life makes the daily details you encounter as you drive through life just a bit more maneuverable.

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