My Life with God


A-ha moments happen when you realize something you didn’t previously know or acknowledge. You seem to suddenly understand. Sometimes it’s as if the light turns on. The a-ha moment is life-changing because the discovery isn’t as much about shining light into the darkness as it is about finding the source of the light. It’s the discovery of the light switch and light fixture it’s connected to. Most of the time, however, the light already exists. The a-ha happens when the light illuminates something previously in the dark.

When you turn on the light in one room, it doesn’t light up the other rooms. There might be a bit of residual light that expands into the darkness of other rooms, but it is brightest closest to the light source. That’s where you’ll see the best details. You’ll notice the dirt, see the colors, and find what you need and where you’re going. When you’re close to the light source, you see what’s intimately around you. You see the details surrounding you—whether you like what you see or not.

It’s how we need to live our lives—close to the light source. God helps us realize what we need to know. God is the source of light, because only he can illuminate truth. It’s who he is. We often stand close to a light source, looking into the darkness ahead, wondering what it involves. We want to know what’s ahead but we don’t fully take advantage of the light we have in our current situation. The darkness ahead will be illuminated as we get closer to it. As we move in God’s will, his light goes with us, illuminating what we need to see. As we move with the light source—in God’s will—he provides us with the realizations we need. He chases away the darkness as we move in his light.

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