Fractured Into Wholeness

How to Let It Go

Let it go! Let it go!

We all know the lyrics. Even though Frozen was released long before my oldest granddaughter was born, she knows every word.

And it’s not just the Disney lyrics. It’s a mantra we often hear. Someone offends us: Let it go. We miss an opportunity: Let it go. We talk about not wasting our time, dismissing those who dismiss us, and saving our energy for what and who matters. But do we miss out on some healthy processing along the way? I am realistic enough to know we can’t resolve and reconcile every situation and relationship, but how we walk away and how we move forward into our lives matters. It speaks loudly about our character.

I appreciate the advice to let it go in the sense that we can’t reside in the past. But we can’t ignore either. It is part of our journey, and we stifle the future if we deceive ourselves into thinking we can simply white-out portions of our lives, behaviors, and decisions. We can only healthily let it go if we are authentically in-the-know.

Whatever has happened in the past, whatever baggage you have tried to leave behind or are lugging forward, it’s time to pause and sort. Pick up what can be used as important lessons and tools for the future. Leave behind the unnecessary burdens. Sift through it all, a little at a time, as you journey forward.

Be healthy today.

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