My Life with God

The Truth Around Evil

Some people don’t know what evil is or don’t believe it exist;, perhaps it’s all relative. But some of us, sadly, experience it. We might be swept away by it or we might simply look it in the eye. Especially in the context of truth, faith, and goodness, it is a lot.

But seeing evil in someone or through someone does not mean the person is consumed with evil. It might be the case, but it’s more likely someone has yielded to it in some areas. It is rarely perceived. It often seeps in. Space was made by something but not intentionally filled.

I saw evil in someone’s eyes—someone I never thought I would see such coldness, harshness, and hatred. But even in that moment, I knew he was not evil. He had made space and didn’t defend that space against it. What I saw wasn’t alarming to the person; he was comforted or at least trying to be comfortable with it, because his decisions depended on it . I was in a place where it was easier to identify anything not of God. Deceit positioned in truth will drastically stand out. But it is in the shadows of excuses and deceit that attract what we want to make sense but reveal something in ourselves we might not be willing to admit.

Be aware—for yourself and others. Be honest—for yourself and others. Be discerning—for yourself and others. And know every single one of us grows in the direction we’re cultivating—every single day.

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