My Life with God

PeekaBoo Polar Bear

A year ago, one of my daughters gave me a polar bear sticky note dispenser. If you’ve been connected with me for long, you won’t be surprised. I like organization, including sticky notes. And polar bears are my favorite animal. (I recently looked into a trip to see polar bears in the wild to find how feasible it might be if I saved up over time. And…I think I’ll let them have their peace and quiet. But I digress…) So the polar bear sticky note dispenser combined two of my favorites. I knew my work office was going to be moving in 2022, so I packed the polar bear in a closet at home until I could settle into my new office.

Months after I was settled into the new office, I rediscovered the polar bear and took him to work. He brings a smile to my day. One day I grabbed a sticky note and glanced over to see my polar bear playing peekaboo, or at least, that’s how it appeared. I hadn’t noticed, because of the structure of the sticky note pads, every other note rests over the polar bear’s face, making it look like a cute peekaboo game.

It’s the little things some days.

We all want to play peekaboo at times. Or perhaps we don’t want to peek at all. If we close our eyes and pretend no one can see us, does it make it true?

Of course not.

We need to uncover our eyes and notice the world around us in order to live well. We also need breaks to pause, to step away and reflect. Otherwise, we don’t process the world around us as effectively. Taking it all in without reflecting, considering trends and exceptions, testing it all against truth is essential if we want to step forward well.

My peekaboo polar bear reminds me I need to do the same, at work, at home, and anywhere I go. I need to keep my eyes, mind, and heart open. I also need to keep them guarded. Health is a combination of the two.

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