My Life with God

The Uncluttered View

My workplace moved locations, and it was a process that lasted weeks, months. I did what I could to help with the organization of it all, but there was a lot. Even with everyone doing a little, it was a lot.

My new office overlooks a large open area, which served as a staging area, to frame it positively, or a dumping ground, to be more realistic. I was patient, but I’d be lying to say it wasn’t draining at times. Even though my office was settled and tidy, having a cluttered view seemed to seep into my space and mind. I had to focus to stay on track at times, especially when I’d see someone leaving additional messes behind.

I know I can’t always control my environment. Sometimes my view—at work, in life, with God—is cluttered. But there’s a difference in the external and internal clutter. Even when my view is physically cluttered, my thoughts don’t have to be. I get to make that choice. It is certainly not easy at times. I’m not always as good about keeping my thoughts organized as I am with my space and surroundings.

It’s easier to clean a drawer than a well-established through pattern.

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