My Life with God

Road Worship

It was a road trip. It was a night of worship. It was much-need and very-appreciated time with friends.

It was a quick plan put together at the end of a lunch with a best friend. We looped in a third, and we had a trip planned for the following week. The drive would be a little over three hours each way, but we didn’t mind. We’d easily pass the time catching up and talking about all sorts of things. A favorite worship leader and her husband were traveling, and this would be their last stop together.

Early in the pandemic, they posted a video of themselves singing in their living room with the hashtag #asongadaykeepsthecraziesaway. The didn’t intend to continue with daily songs, but the pandemic shutdown lasted longer than they expected. And many people got to know Natalie and Bernie as a couple. While he has composed and recorded a massive, beautiful list of songs over the years, most people are more familiar with Natalie. But there they were, sharing their living room with us. And my friends and I were excited to, in essence, join them in a large living room to participate in worship, listen to their stories, and leave inspired and recharged.

The first song was one another friend and I held dear and sang together in honor of her beautiful daughter. Another song was one I held near during some mid-30s challenges and commitment to live well and follow God with fervent pursuit. When In Better Hands began, I wondered if my tears would fall. I’m not sure if I can count the number of times I heard it during my divorce process as I walked and walked many cleansing and healing miles. It was a reminder and commitment.

When I heard it, I didn’t cry a single tear. Instead, I felt a deep peace from this side of the trauma. I believed and could claim I was in better hands back then, but now, it’s a deep resolve. God has proven he is who he says he is. He was unchanging when my life was discombobulating and chaotic. And that season revealed the depth of my relationship with him.

What a clarifying moment for which I am immeasurably grateful. His faithfulness is a constant, and I will choose him no matter what road I travel.

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