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People to Fill

It was a busy week. I was exhausted. Yet I chose to help with some grands. And as I sat on the couch with littles to snuggle and read a book, I was recharged. It was as if I was being emptied and filled at the same time.

I was certainly still exhausted from the week, but God filled me with the reminder of joy, blessings, contentment, and more. I knew I’d sleep well that night, partly because of the wear of the week and partly because of the love that soaked to my core.

Knowing when to serve, persevere, and sacrifice is challenging and requires discernment. And while it requires an acknowledgement of healthy boundaries, the source of that health has to start somewhere else. Without God and his intentions and guidance, we would twist it into a mess. We’d rationalize why we don’t have time or something is more important. We’d be overwhelmed by the pressure that relationships and opportunities bring. We’d undercommit and overcommit. We’d make unhealthy choices but base them on healthy bases in order to rationalize what we’re doing. We’d excuse, extend, and exacerbate.

There’s enough confusion in our schedules and our relationships. Let’s not make it worse by minimizing the importance and our intention in our relationship and reliance on God.

3 thoughts on “People to Fill”

  1. I retired last September 3 days before our first granddaughter was born. I was so thankful for God’s timing. Retiring at that time allowed me to be available to our daughter during the postpartum period, and then when she returned to work in December, I started babysitting Monday through Thursday. I have loved every minute of it, and even though some days I really tired, it is a blessing to be able to help my daughter and son in law save money while I get to watch my grandbaby change and grow.

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      1. Thank you! Hubby retired the end of December but still works Mondays and Tuesdays because they haven’t found anyone to replace him who can do some of the things he does. Keeps him busy, lol.

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