My Life with God

The T(r)igger

It’s essential to know your triggers. It’s equally important to consider how they will impact you in different ways at different times in different contexts. Of course, we can’t predict every situation, but we can think critically and be wise.

Triggers remind me of Tigger—you know, that silly bouncing friend of Winnie the Pooh?

They pounce unexpectedly, but triggers are consistent in the impact of throwing us off balance.

They don’t seem to sit still for long, which also means they might not stick around for long. Maybe we shouldn’t hang onto the effects as long as we do.

As annoying as they are, we can see the silliness in triggers at times. Take them seriously? Yes, but with a grain of salt if for no other reason than appreciation for the in between times of peace.

As unpredictable as Tigger is, he is also tenacious. Triggers are the same. They remind us of some tough moments. They can also remind of our healing, perseverance, and growth over time.

Tigger, as annoying as he can be, simultaneously rounds out a group of good friends. Triggers, when considered within healthy familiarity and kept in the broader context of life, can be balanced with the support and progress we have.

Do you know your triggers? Are you coping with them well?

Are you anxious for Tigger’s pounce, or do you accept it as a regular part of life—not something to dread but always be alert?

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