My Life with God

The Magic of New Year’s Eve

Why do we get so excited about New Year’s Eve and the New Year—anticipating new beginnings and opportunities, commitments to change and improve? Sure, it’s fun to get together and celebrate the holiday, but there’s something about New Years that can be celebrated more regularly.

We get opportunities for new starts all the time. Each day is new even when we’re in routines. We meet new people frequently, or at least we have the opportunity to do so. We can think new thoughts and think existing thoughts with renewed curiosity. We can refresh our hope, generosity, and compassion. We can find new adventures and ways to share them with others. We add to our scrapbooks every moment of every day, but we need to remember our scrapbooks aren’t limited to what we do but the process of who we are and how we’re growing.

The magic of New Year’s Eve is the same as the magic of today: it’s an invitation to live life and engage with others well.

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