My Life with God

What Tomorrow Brings

Sometimes we’re excited for the possibilities tomorrow might bring. Other times, we are frustrated we will have to revisit or repeat something again tomorrow. It seems like never-ending drudgery. Or it seems like a wealth of possibilities.

It’s perspective.

But even optimists feel frustrations, and pessimists feel hope at times.

My favorite thing about tomorrow? God is already there. He already knows. He’s prepared me more than I can imagine. I can trust him.

That doesn’t mean tomorrow will be smooth. It doesn’t mean I’ll enjoy every bit of it. It doesn’t mean it won’t be tainted with all kinds of sours. It doesn’t mean I put on rose-colored glasses and pretend it is what it isn’t.

Because of God, I can see tomorrow for what it is. I can experience it as my today as it comes. And I can honestly reflect on it and grow because it when it becomes my yesterday.

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