My Life with God

Check In

I recently saw several people I hadn’t seen for a while. I caught up with each one individually as I made my way through the building. I had a task, but it was secondary to the catch-ups. I gave a long hug to someone who had recently lost a family member. I listened to concerns about a family member from another. I felt the weight of life’s burdens from another. And we shared fun updates along the way. Children growing up, travel plans anticipated, health concerns updated, new favorites of daily routines discovered.

It wasn’t anything specific that was shared that inspired me. The burdens of pieces of the conversations didn’t deter from the inspiration I felt as I left. It was as if a check-in with history reassured me. All wasn’t well, but all was well. The content of what was happening in each person’s lives might not be okay, but the process of sharing and listening and supporting was beyond okay.

History provides context, and it’s not just the past. It shows up in the present, and since today is tomorrow’s yesterday, every day and moment is tied to history. Sometimes we don’t see the invisible strings. But they matter. When I loop back into the past, I am often grateful for the effort I put into relationships. Perhaps more relevant is the reminder (and affirmation or correction) I’m putting into today’s relationships. How well am I interacting with others? How am I investing? Am I doing so healthily? What excuses am I making? What boundaries am I setting? What walls am I building—or tearing down as appropriate? How authentically am I living with each person with whom I interact?

Relationships are important to me, because they are important to God.

Authenticity is important to me, because it’s important to God.

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