My Life with God

Open Windows

A cluttered screen bothers me. I don’t like too many icons or opened tabs. I find them distracting. I waste time as I try to find my way forward. I can keep the icons to a minimum by choosing the essentials. And I can keep the tabs organized by priority.

It’s a new approach I’m trying. As I open a tab, I place it in the order of importance, or how often I’ll need to reference or access it. If I don’t need it more than once, I close it. But sometimes—like when I’m writing or completing reports—I need to access multiple sites and forms. I place the most important one to the far left, then proceed with an order of need.

It makes me reflect on the virtual tabs I keep open in my life. What do I keep open that I need to close—experiences and information I’ve moved beyond, or at least, I should? What do I intend to prioritize but consistently overlook, because other tabs grab my attention? What do I bury in the disorganization?

Open windows invite fresh air as well as distractions. We need to be aware of what we’re attending to. It’s not about productivity as much as it is the focus we choose and where it might distract or direct us.

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