Come To The Water

God Heard

running-awayEarly the next morning Abraham took some food and a leather bag full of water. He gave them to Hagar and sent her away. Carrying these things and her son, Hagar went and wandered in the desert of Beersheba. Later, when all the water was gone from the bag, Hagar put her son under a bush. Then she went away a short distance and sat down. She thought, “My son will die, and I cannot watch this happen.” She sat there and began to cry. God heard the boy crying, and God’s angel called to Hagar from heaven. He said, “What is wrong, Hagar? Don’t be afraid! God has heard the boy crying there. Help him up and take him by the hand. I will make his descendants into a great nation.” Then God showed Hagar a well of water. So she went to the well and filled her bag with water and gave the boy a drink. Genesis 21:14-19

Hagar wasn’t happy. She loved her son but was in an unfavorable living condition with Sarah and Abraham. She felt the need to get away.

When have you wanted to escape?

When has that escape route proven to be no better than where you were – just a place with another set of problems?

At least where Hagar had been, her son was safe. Now she was sure he would die. How would she provide everything he needed?

She wouldn’t. God would. Of course, God already knew where she’d be. He knew when she’d leave Abraham and Sarah. He knew the details of what she was feeling. He knew when to step in and what to do. He encouraged her. He assured her. He nourished her.

When has God nourished you with encouragement and assurance?

How dry Hagar must have felt. Spiritually, God poured into her, but he also knew she needed physical refreshment. He showed her a well where she and her son could drink. Of course, her first concern was her son, and she shared the drink with him first. Right when she thought she had doomed her son, God provided a way for her to nourish him.

Live It. God will provide for you today. Just as God showed Hagar where to find the water, and she first gave it to her son, God often provides for you so that you can share with someone else. You don’t need to give the leftovers. You can share the first sip.