My Life with God

When God Connects

photo-1561130294-204f6f33a0eePerhaps a year or so ago, a friend and her daughter were going through some challenges. I offered to pray with the daughter. I didn’t know her well, and she knew me less, so the fact that she agreed was surprising. It amazes me how God paves the way for people to connect. The process and timing is not what we expect much of the time, and while that can be alarming at times, it can also be heartwarming and reassuring.

I called and prayed with her while her mom sat nearby her. We all wept.

We repeated the process recently.

This time, I was just about ready to go to bed. Truth be told, I was exhausted and should have been asleep. I’m so glad I wasn’t. My friend texted me and asked if I was up and was there a chance I could call and pray again?


I didn’t know all the details, but I knew it was a tough situation. I wasn’t sitting beside my friend and her daughter, but I knew that we were near one another, because God was inviting us to let peace and chaos collide, to infuse a confusing situation with hope and faith.

I wept as I fell asleep that night. Some of my tears were from sharing their heavy burdens and trusting God to ease them. Some of my tears were in gratitude for such an unlikely opportunity to connect. Not only was it unusual for a girl her age to be open to praying by phone with someone she didn’t know well, but her mom and I wouldn’t have our connection without some shared struggles and a mutual friend. The story of my friendship with that mutual friend is also a testimony of how creative and generous God is when he partners people through seasons of their faith journeys.

God is indeed good.

All the connections he is making in your life might not make sense at the time (and keep in mind he is not leading you into every connection your encounter), but watch for his prompting and provision. Even in the rough times—perhaps especially in the rough times—the people in our lives, how we receive and respect them, reflects our faith and trust in God.

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