My Life with God

Unwanted Puffiness

Not everything is intended to be inflated. When something is inflated, it’s filled up, and when it’s filled up with nothing, it’s obviously filled with…emptiness. It’s like pride. Pride falsely “fills” someone, but the filling is nothing. Pride puffs up someone with a false security or sense of importance, ability, or entitlement. The person might float above others like a beautiful balloon, inspiring others to lightly float and soar through the sky. However, one small pin prick, and the emptiness of pride is revealed. All the nothingness is leaked, and a collapsed, misshaped person lies in a heap.

balloonsPride sometimes collapses on itself, and the person is overwhelmed into a state of humility, suddenly committed to run from pride and replace all the artificial “puffing up” with an authentic reliance on God to define self. As we yield to Him, God provides significant substance in our lives. However, we don’t necessarily blow up a balloon and tightly tie the end closed so that the only way for air to move is to escape through a slow leak or violent pop. Instead, we often inflate our lives with the old-time bellow, where we can pump air in as needed. We can pump the air quickly or slowly. We can take a rest when we get tired. However, regardless of the approach, we’re relying on ourselves. We’re attempting to inflate our own lives.

Society tells us that we get to define our lives. We decide what to focus on in our lives. We determine our destiny. It’s not true. You have choices; that’s certain. But our lives were never intended to be our own. God created us to shine for Him. He wants us to live inflated lives but only because He inflates us. He fills us. We might want the control and even believe that it’s an easier way to live life, but don’t be deceived. When we trust God to fill us, our lives take on an eternal stability and beauty we cannot duplicate or even imagine on our own.