My Life with God

The Very Important Title

The Very Reverend.

I don’t know who he was, but his photo and name flashed across the screen, advertising his upcoming appearance. It was his title that caught my attention.

Apparently (after doing some Google research), it’s not an unusual title in some customs and denominations. I mean no disrespect, but I began to wonder how it would seem if we began to use the practice with other titles.

The Very Mother

The Very Teacher

The Very Officer

The Very Cashier

The Very Son

The Very Athlete

The Very Musician

The Very Business Owner

I am all for being the best we can be in anything we do.  But “The Very” seems to add an air of importance that undermines what is most important in faith and everyday life: The Very Servant. How can we humbly serve, put ourselves last, and die to ourselves to live in and for Christ when we call attention to our position, worthiness, and service?

Why do we have to call attention to ourselves or attain a lofty title in order to find worth? Worth isn’t actually ours to define, determine, and assign. The Very Sovereign God has that covered. Only He doesn’t need to add anything to His name or identity. His worth is in who He is. He reveals Himself through His many names. But He never exaggerates. He claims the truth. When we try to exalt ourselves, we end up humbled by Him.

It’s much better to choose to be humble, because it positions us well in the first place. And it reflects reality and truth. We aren’t Truth; that identity is fully accomplished and encompassed by Jesus. But we get to be His servant, which means we get to reflect, seek, and rely on Him.

And that thrills and fulfills me…very, very, very much.