Everyday God

Everyday God: Watch the Story

everydayBecause of the Games We Play with God, we’re digging into a new series this month to explore ways we can know God in the everyday of our lives. Today’s daily task? Watch the Story!

I don’t hear many people talk about “their stories” very often anymore in the context of soap operas. I don’t know if soap operas have simply fallen out of vogue or if I’m running in non-soap opera circles. I know it’s not because people aren’t closely following television shows, because I see many posts when some shows air, especially when anticipated shows premiere. In early January of this year, I saw many posts about Downton Abbey, The Biggest Loser, and The Bachelor. Later this year, it will be Dancing with the Stars and (my favorite) So You Think You Can Dance. We certainly follow stories. Perhaps you’re more into the crime stories, news magazines, entertainment shows, or home improvement shows. You might like news programs, human interest stories, love stories, comedies, or sports. Even if you don’t watch television much, you mind be drawn to movies, internet sites, or books. You’re getting stories from somewhere.

The choices that you make about what you watch and in what stories you invest affect your life. I know, I know, so many people will respond with a flippant, “Really? Does it really matter all that much? I mean, it’s just entertainment!” I like entertainment, too! I enjoy going to a good movie (and eating buttered popcorn) or lazily watching a movie on a rainy afternoon; but I’m not naive enough to think the choices I make about my entertainment have no impact on me. The books I read, sites I visit, and shows I choose all influence me, because I let them into my mind and heart, as least for a brief window of my life. And then there’s the argument that as long as I enjoy it, it’s okay. After all, don’t I have the right to watch whatever I want?

Rights? Privileges? Well, we certainly have opportunities to choose. But just because we can choose something doesn’t mean we should. What should we choose and what should we avoid?

Know God.

What is drawing you into HIS story?

How is God weaving your story with your choices?

Know God today. Choose well.