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Tears That Grow

I spoke with a friend following her counseling session. She said, “I didn’t expect to cry. A deeper question hit me hard.” I replied, “I get it. Those questions are important. I often feel the same when I am in Scripture at times. I think it is because both are a truth journey. And truth is hard to get to and embrace sometimes.”

The tough questions are challenging. They can stir up some deep stuff in us. But if we’re not willing to go there, we limit our growth. We limit the authenticity of our perspective. Let’s not stop seeking truth in our lives. Let’s be humble enough to explore with a fervor, wrestle with tenacity, and respond with honesty. We will have to answer some questions again and again. Others will be easier. But if we’re willing to persevere with pure intent, we’ll find purpose in the process. Our tears will cultivate our faith.

7 thoughts on “Tears That Grow”

  1. Susan, this is raw but necessary honesty. It’s a lesson God brought to my attention years ago but one that I still have to intentionally practice. I call it Brutal Honesty!
    Thanks for putting it into simple understandable words!!!

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    1. Thank you for always being such an encouragement in my life.
      (Sorry I am just now responding to your comment. I just figured out I haven’t been getting alerts when people comment, so I’m catching up!)


  2. This resonates with me right now. I am trying to keep my perspective open for what God has planned for me. My department has changes coming (again) and I am putting feelers out for other jobs. Not sure if God wants me to switch again at this point in my career, if I have hit a dead end, or what. I had nearly decided to turn in my resignation a few weeks ago, and bawled all night at the thought. I have not gone into “free fall” with no job lined up since I started working for this institution, and my job changes through the years have been planned. I have tried for transfers several times and not been accepted. And the recurring word that still comes to mind when I ponder a “word for the year” is STILL abide. So either I am not getting what lesson I am supposed to learn from this, or He truly wants me to just…abide.
    (And have not found counseling helpful. Not sure if it’s me or the counselors…)


      1. Still with my same job currently. Things have settled for a bit. Most likely because since God hasn’t opened a door in a different direction yet, I have resolved to do what is necessary to make this work.

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