My Life with God

Behind the Lead Car

driveBeing the lead car is the easier place to be. When you’re the lead car, you just drive. If you’re thoughtful, you might look in the rear view mirror every now and then, but when you’re the second car, you have to keep the lead car in sight and adjust your speed. You have to patiently wait for a chance to go around the car that gets behind you and the lead car. You don’t get to decide which route to take or when and where to stop.

It’s kind of like following Jesus.

Pay attention.

Adjust your pace to match His.

Patiently wait for opportunities.

Let Him decide the route, stops, and rests.

Following well means you give up some control but remain attentive and committed. You choose whether to trust or doubt. You choose whether or not to complain and micro-manage. You choose whether to follow well, or abandon the connection and take the journey your own way.

Jesus leads us well. It’s not as easy as it might seem as the follower. Jesus is compassionate, so He’s always watching where we are and how we’re doing. He adjusts as necessary. He considers our weariness. In fact, He knows how we’ll respond to the journey better than we do.

Jesus never loses us.

Focus on Him.

Let Him determine your journey, each turn and choice along the way. He knows where you’re going.