My Life with God

The Motivation to Move

There are times we want to be somewhere else. We repeatedly say, at least to ourselves, “If only…”

We wish dreams of someday or somewhere, believing where we’ll move is better than where we are. We often want something materialistic, yet our desire for something different can also be spiritual. Wanting something different spiritually sounds noble, right? But what do we want and why do we want it? Let’s not assume the “different” we want is always better.

In fact, when we have a desire to move on to something different, we need to look at why we want to move from where we are. If where we’re headed isn’t better than where we are, there’s no reasonable rationale for moving. Growth is preferred to stagnancy, but moving doesn’t always equal growth. Taking steps away from where we are can just as easily be destructive than constructive. We can end up deteriorating spiritually instead of growing.

Acknowledging our motivation for moving away from our current location keeps us in check. We start with intention. By looking at what we think we’re missing, we become aware of the gaps we’re attempting to fill through the moving process. When we move for the sake of moving without regard for the gaps we’re trying to fill, we’ll often end up stuffing the gaps with all kinds of makeshift junk that really doesn’t accomplish what needs to accomplish.

It’s easy to think “someplace else” is better than where we are, but different doesn’t equal better. Because you aren’t in the exact spot you’re eyeing as the “better” spot, you can’t know exactly what it will entail. What you can know is the why of your desire to move. Perhaps you’re bitter, angry, frustrated, anxious, exhausted, excited, or a myriad of other experiences that can be motivating. Are you ready to work on and through whatever is going on in your life? If so, get on with it! Ask God in which direction you’re supposed to step, and go there.

Be prepared for some hard work along the way. Be prepared to leave some things behind. Sometimes that means you leave behind what motivated you to move in the first place. The key isn’t what you think you need, what you believe is wrong with where you are, or where you think you should go. The key is what God says about what you need, what’s wrong with where you are, and where you should go.

Moving isn’t easy. It requires a lot of sorting, packing, and organizing. Yet moving is essential. If you’re not moving, you’re not growing. If you’re alive, you should be growing. God has a plan for the exact moments you are on this earth, and every single moment is intricately involved with your personal spiritual growth in relationship with him. There are times you want to be someplace else, but be certain the someplace else is the center of God’s will. You often won’t know the specifics of what his will looks like or where it is, but if you’re determined to continually move into it, God will constantly guide you as you pack, travel, sort, unpack, and organize throughout your life.