My Life with God

Cardboard Blessings

Women had written on both sides of a piece of cardboard. As background music played, women walked in, one at a time, holding her sign in front of her. The side that showed to all of us in the room described a burden, struggle, or doubt that impacted her life and faith. There was some tough stuff: drug abuse, pride, self-doubt, a relative’s suicide, chronic illness, abuse, and more. Each woman carried her sign like a confession, a public admission that her life wasn’t perfect.

Something marred it and still impacted her life. In some cases, tears sneaked down a woman’s face as she walked in front of the room and down the center aisle. In many cases, tears streamed down the faces of those of us who read the sign and saw a glimpse of women’s hearts. Perhaps we were catching glimpses of our own hearts.

Then each woman flipped her sign to reveal something that had changed in her life, a way God had provided, a truth about who she has become, or a truth about God she is claiming because of who God is. The flip side revealed redemption and blessing. Each of the women’s lives is not tied up in a neat and tidy bow, but she has changed. God has provided and changed her even if her circumstances haven’t changed.

Tears still flowed but with a renewal, cleansing, and gratitude.

One person in the room had a different perspective. One person stood on the platform by the podium.

When women walked in, instead of seeing the burden or struggle, she saw the redemption. She saw the end result (or at least, the present result) before she saw what led up to it. She glimpsed the renewal, cleansing, and gratitude. She saw the redemption, regardless of what preceded it. She was already thankful for the result before knowing what led to it.

If only life was like her perspective and we could be assured that whatever we are enduring is worth the result.

Yet we can.

We may not know the specifics, but we can trust that God is redemptive, and He has a sovereign perspective. He knows how He will change us and how we will respond. He knows how we will rely on Him, and how we will give Him glory.

He. Knows. It. All.

He. Knows. You.

Trust Him. Seek His perspective.