My Life with God

When Circles of Friends Extend

I was getting ready to meet my friend’s husband for the first time. We live states apart and no longer saw each other often. I had missed their wedding over a year earlier, but I felt like I already knew him. At the same time, I was a little anxious about meeting him. After all, my friend and I have a close connection, and obviously, he and my friend do, too. What if he didn’t like me? I’m not generally a people pleaser, but even if I didn’t connect well with him, I certainly didn’t want to make it awkward for one of my best friends in the world if her husband and I didn’t find much in common.

My husband and I rang the doorbell and heard them (and their adorable dog) come to the door. I clung to my friend for a moment, then turned to her husband and introduced myself while giving him a hug, too. I’m not sure if he’s a hugger. To be honest, it’s not my default setting, but I wanted to go all in.

The short story is we all got along. We had a wonderful, refreshing weekend. We bonded over good meals and good football with a little sightseeing and shopping mixed in.

My circle of friends widened. My arms reached wider to embrace someone my friend loves. My heart stretched a bit.

We sometimes wonder if we have enough space in our lives and hearts to consider new relationships. We can be so protective of those in our lives that we’re not sure we want to take the risk of letting someone into their lives and ours that might not fit well. But growing our circle of friends is always worth it when we risk well.

No friendship is risk-free. But every friendship has the potential to make connections that grow and nourish us for a season or a lifetime.