My Life with God

Plant Well

are-you-still-growingThen God said, “Let the earth produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and fruit trees on the earth bearing fruit with seed in it according to their kinds.” And it was so. The earth produced vegetation: seed-bearing plants according to their kinds and trees bearing fruit with seed in it according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good. (Genesis 1:11-12)

What have you seen grow in your life?

When might the seeds have first been planted and by whom?

What seeds are you planting today? With hopes of what?

Planting is full of promise. You start with a small seed that doesn’t seem to amount to much, but that seed is full of possibility. We often want instant growth, as if we could add a drop of water and instantly get a full-grown plant with perfectly ripened fruit, ready to be picked and enjoyed.

When my husband and I moved to a new house when our girls were small, he began creating a beautiful backyard. There was one type of flowering tree he really wanted, but it would take seven years to bloom. He didn’t want to wait that long, so he chose other options. Seven years later, he realized, “If I had planted that tree, I’d be enjoying it this year.”

He planted the tree, and we enjoyed it for several years when it matured.

My husband didn’t start with a single seed. He transplanted a small tree. However, he had to start somewhere. That’s what a season of planting demands—the choice to begin with something small in anticipation of growth.

Sometimes in our spiritual lives, we put all our plans in one plant. We plant a seed, then wait for it to grow. When it doesn’t become insta-fruit, we get frustrated. We watch time pass instead of using the passing time well. Spiritual life is more like a garden. There are many different things going on at once, and they are at varying stages of development. Some don’t do as well as we’d like, and some surprise us. Some of the things we didn’t think we needed or wanted come in handy, and some of our favorites become overused and worn out.

God is a good gardener—the best, actually. He’s giving you the seeds you need. Plant them.

What was something planted in your life years ago that you can now see the fruit of? What are you excited about planting right now? What are your hopes of growth? Be intentional about the planting process today. Take time to dig a little deeper, get your hands dirty, and water the fresh seed.