My Life with God

We All Pay Attention…But To What?

Now hear the word of the Lord, you women. Pay attention to the word of His mouth. (Jeremiah 9:20a)

What gets your attention? Be honest. Look at the way you spend time. What easily distracts you? What do you intentionally schedule? Where do you seem to lose or pass time?

confusionSome of the things that draw your attention might be things you love to do. When given the freedom to choose whatever you what to do with a block of time, you’d choose these things. You might not seem to get as much time for these things as you’d like. You think about them, especially when you’re bored, stressed, or frustrated.

Some of the things that draw your attention are things you don’t like to do, but you feel you have to do. They’re obligations. Whether you put the pressure on yourself or feel someone else puts the pressure on you, you don’t feel as if you have much of a choice. In reality, you do. You’re choosing one thing over another or one thing over consequences of not doing that thing. It’s still a choice.

Some things that draw your attention are fillers. Whether you’re avoiding something or having trouble focusing, you piddle, not really accomplishing much of anything but feeling as if you’re doing something as the time slips past.

I’m not sure why we struggle with the whole “What am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to balance everything?” quandary. It’s not as much of a quandary as we make it. God’s pretty clear on the subject.

Now hear the word of the Lord, you women. Pay attention to the word of His mouth. (Jeremiah 9:20a)

That doesn’t mean you have to be reading the Bible all the time. (Although you certainly shouldn’t avoid it.) God speaks in many ways. Are you hearing? Are you paying attention? Or are you hearing what’s screaming the loudest in your life, or paying attention to what’s right in front of you?

Hearing God means knowing His voice and knowing who He is, so you recognize and acknowledge Him. Just because you don’t hear or see Him around you doesn’t mean He isn’t present. How much of His presence are you missing or denying?

Paying attention isn’t the easy choice of what’s right in front of you. Seeking God takes effort and focus. It takes attention and wisdom.

So, are you hearing the word of the Lord and paying attention to Him?

How well…or, why not?