Adventures in Faith: Hammerthrow

adventures in faithThey were all amazed and confused, asking each other, “What does this mean?” (Acts 2:12)

Ponder It.

When have you felt tangled in a mess?

How can momentum carry you toward something good…or something bad?

When have you known you were going toward something you shouldn’t or didn’t want but struggled to stop?

Receive It.

The hammerthrow is a track and field throwing event. It’s in the same category as the discus, where the athlete prepares for the throw by twisting to get momentum for the release to throw the object as far as possible. Unlike the discus, which the athlete holds securely in his or her hand, the hammerthrow is a steel ball on the end of a long steel wire. The person holds the end of the wire and counterbalances the weight of the soaring ball as it swings around and around until the point of release. It’s a good thing it can only end up going far in the appointed direction, since a safety cage surrounds the athlete on every other side! Every time I watch the hammerthrow, I think about what would happen if the athlete didn’t let go and the wire went around and around the person, tightly wrapping him or her up until the ball collides with the head! Of course, I know training a bit at a time prevents such catastrophes, but are you beginning to see the spiritual application? How do we sometimes get all wrapped up in our own efforts to swing around something that’s powerful…the momentum just carries us into a head-thumping moment? Not that it’s always a bad thing to get a head thump. After all, sometimes it’s just a reality check, and we can learn something. Other times, all we get from it is a huge headache!

Just because you can coordinate turning in circles while hanging onto a wire doesn’t mean you can handle the power that results from the momentum. A forest fire begins with a flame. A landfill begins with a piece of trash. A tornado begins with a breeze. Just think about the reasons you’re doing some of the things you believe are good. I’m not saying they’re not good; they might be just what God wants you to do. But are you doing them in His timing? Are you following His plan of discipline so you can handle the next step? Or are you just spinning around, leaning back to counterbalance the weight of God’s power with no responsible idea of how you’re going to let go and not get hurt or hurt others in the process? Think about how responsible you’re being right now. Yield to God even if it means taking a step back in training. Doing it God’s way is worth it.

Live It.

Spin around ten times. If you want an added challenge, close your eyes. Then try to do something simple, like brushing your teeth or opening a snack bag. Commit to staying oriented according to God’s plan, not your own.

Today’s post is part of a 30-day devotional of Adventures in Faith. A new post will be available each morning to launch your day with reflection questions, God’s Word, and a personal challenge.

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