Real Goals

WhatIsRealDevoThis is why we work and struggle: We hope in the living God who is the Savior of all people, especially of those who believe. (1 Timothy 4:10)

Ponder It.
In what areas do you tend to procrastinate?
What areas do you tend to tightly control?
What lessons have you learned about God’s goals for you – both setting and achieving them?

Receive It. An authentic goal is God’s goal. Countless books have been written on the importance and process of setting goals. You could develop phenomenal goal-setting strategies by the world’s standards, and you could still not attain the most important goals. Most people fit into two categories. They either organize just about everything in their lives, including their goals. They’re pretty good at attaining them, too, because they tend to like results. The other category of people tends to get paralyzed by the thought of setting goals. They don’t know where to start, or they look into the future and can’t imagine all the steps they’ll have to take to get from here to there, so it’s just easier to not be intentional in their goals. You might fluctuate a bit between the two categories, depending on specific situations, but you’ll generally have a primary tendency toward one or the other approach. The problem is both approaches have to do with control. When the priority is dealing with something, such as goal setting, in the way that’s most comfortable to you, you’re letting your way supersede God’s way.

When you try to set goals in your own ways or based on the revered goal-setting ways of the world, you’re off track from the very beginning. In God’s perspective, one of the most important aspects of goal-setting is humility. In order to invite God to guide you in setting and attaining His goals, you have to set yourself aside and ask Him to invade your plans. Your to-do list is overwritten by His to-do list. Your dreams and His dreams meld together. When God’s will is what you most want in your life, your willingness to yield every aspect of yourself in the process becomes a minimal (but still difficult at times) sacrifice.

Live It. With God’s help, write three goals for today on index cards. Review them through the day to remind yourself to stay on task for God.

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