Real Friendships

WhatIsRealDevoDo not be fooled: “Bad friends will ruin good habits.” (1 Corinthians 15:33)

Ponder It.
Who is one person in your life with whom you’ve been the most authentic?
When have you personally experienced friendship betrayal – either on the betray or betrayed side?
How are you investing in current friendships in ways that are helping yourself and friends grow?

Receive It. Friendships aren’t easy. Perhaps you have a lot of friends and generally enjoy your friendships. You look around and see people who don’t seem to have many friends or are always having friend drama. You don’t get why they just can’t enjoy themselves and have fun more often. Or you might be one of those people who struggle a bit more with friendships. Whether it’s that you’ve had traumatic experiences, have difficulty trusting people, or just don’t seem to find enough time, your friends are limited in number and depth. Be careful in comparing yourself to others. We have different personalities and experiences, and what comes naturally for one is a struggle for another.

However, we have a couple things in common: (1) we were created for relationships, and (2) we’ve been hurt in relationships. Our stories of hurt might differ, but hurt is hurt. Let’s not compare who has been hurt more. Our pain tolerances differ. What’s a “4” on one person’s pain scale is a “10+” on another’s. That doesn’t necessarily make someone stronger or weaker. What’s important is how you deal with the pain and how you heal. You can’t deal with pain and healing on your own and expect to be prepared for future friendships. God knows the relationships you’ve had, have, and will have in your life, and He knows how one prepares for another. Unless you take all the celebrations and struggles of your friendships to Him, you won’t be prepared to accept the healing and growth He has planned for you so you can continue to be challenged and nourished in your friendships. The best gift you can give to a friend is to be the most spiritually healthy person you can be, and that takes God’s help.

Live It. Reconnect with a friend today or plant seeds of a new friendship.

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