Real Rest

WhatIsRealDevoI find rest in God; only He gives me hope. (Psalm 62:5)

Ponder It.
What’s your idea of rest?
Do you prepare for rest, or do you wait until you have “extra” time to rest?
How do you actively rest in God’s presence?

Receive It. It’s in rest that we recuperate. It’s in rest that God restores us. It’s in rest that we have checks and balances, so instead of creating and completing our own to-do lists, we’re quiet long enough to inquire, “Yes, Lord?” When He answers, we can confidently proceed with “Yes, Lord!” God’s rest is not an easy road of peace and tranquility with freedom from all risk of enemies. Spiritually, the rest God promised is a way to eternal life with Him.

The difference between rest and laziness is that laziness is not productive; rest is. Rest is given and blessed by God. It draws us closer to God, because when we rest in His presence and will, we’re relying on Him. We’re submitting to Him as our authority. We’re humble in His provision. When we’re lazy, we’re deciding what’s best for us. We’re “resting” in our own presence. We’re withdrawing from everything around us, including God. Our priority is ourselves over relationship with God.

God’s rest is a peace of mind or spirit regardless of the situation. Because of God’s presence, He is giving us constant, reliable support. His rest isn’t always easy to accept, but it is always supportive. God always knows what we need when we need it even when we feel uncomfortable where He has us. God’s provision of rest is not a stopping point; it’s a door that ushers us into the best He has for us. He is reserving the best for us. All we have to do is remain in His presence, trusting Him for the journey, and what “rest” we reach is beyond our comprehension. God’s rest is productive, so when we rest in Him, we are productive as well.

Live It. Quiet yourself today. Rest in His presence. Prepare a quiet place and situation for yourself and set your alarm for three minutes. Let God restore you, then respond in obedience.

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