Real Smiles

WhatIsRealDevoGod will strengthen you with His own great power so that you will not give up when troubles come, but you will be patient. And you will joyfully give thanks to the Father who has made you able to have a share in all that He has prepared for His people in the kingdom of light. (Colossians 1:11-12)

Ponder It.
When have you caught an infectious smile?
When have you been desperate for a smile?
Who do you think of when you think of a welcoming, joyful smile?

Receive It. There are so many styles of smiles.

  • Lip smile: No teeth allowed.
  • Cheesy smile: Lots of teeth mandatory.
  • Twinkle smile: (also known as the smize): Accessorized by sparkling eyes.
  • Sweet smile: Accompanied by pinchable, (often) chubby cheeks.
  • Wry smile: Indicates orneriness or unshared information.
  • Body smile: The whole body gets involved!

Then there are the fake or forced smiles, but let’s not focus on them. After all, they’re not authentic, and devotion time is all about authenticity.

Our smiles (or lack of smiles) say so much to those around us. We can send unintended messages to those around us. Perhaps you’re preoccupied and have a slight frown on your face when a child asks you to spend time with her. Perhaps your twinkle smile emphasizes your words of thank you as a friend gives you a gift. Your simple, reassuring lip smile helps the stranger beside you in line have a little more patience. Your smile comes from within. It’s a reflection of the joy inside you. It bubbles up and cannot be contained unless you’ve trained yourself to mask expression. Masks only rob you and those around you of a joyful life of authenticity. Let your smile be real. Share with others and let others share with you.

Live It. Challenge yourself to create a viral smile today. How many people’s eyes can you meet and pass along a smile?

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