masterpieceThen Saul got up from the ground, and though his eyes were open, he could see nothing. So they took him by the hand and led him into Damascus. He was unable to see for three days and did not eat or drink. (Acts 9:8-9)

Ponder It.
When have you taken your sight for granted?
What often distracts you from focusing on God?
When do you most like to look in a mirror? Why?

Receive It.
Sometimes we like the beauty light reveals. We need light. However, we’re also blinded by it at times—reflections off a piece of metal, something dangling from a rearview mirror, or the glare of someone’s cell phone screen. We like to keep light where we expect it, not a sudden jolt that makes us cringe and turn away. Sometimes, light cannot be ignored. We cannot control it.

We want the kind of reflections we can control. We want the mirror so we can do our hair and makeup, check our teeth, or look for that pesky tag that’s sticking us in the back. But we don’t want to walk by a mirror on our worst day, when we already feel horrible about ourselves. Or, we like the beauty of a metal building or appreciate the traffic sign that tells us to stop, but when the light glares off it in just the wrong way, we’re temporarily blinded. It’s not just annoying; it can be dangerous.

God controls light, not us. We don’t get to decide exactly when and how we’ll see something. Sometimes, He needs to get our attention, and temporarily blinding us is one way He’ll do it. His presence is overwhelming. Often times, we don’t pay attention. However, He can get our attention anytime He wants. He rarely forces us to acknowledge Him, but sometimes, He will make Himself obvious with a jolt—as a reminder or a warning. Sometimes our own reflections become more important to us. He wants us to reflect Him instead. After all, He is our Creator and source of all life. If we don’t reflect Him, who are we actually reflecting?

Live It.
Look in a mirror. Look for what God sees in you. Don’t let your flaws distract you. Ask God to let you see your flaws through His eyes, glimpsing how you can honor Him through them. Thank God for your uniqueness and ask Him to continue to mold you into His masterpiece, helping you set aside your own preferences.

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