My Life with God

“Let Me Manage!”

ladderMy husband and I helped clear out some “junk” from a machine shed at my parents’ house. (I use the term “junk” loosely. Some would assess some of the items as more valuable than others!) As he stood on the ladder, poised to bring down some items from the rafters, I analyzed and made suggestions from the ground. We both had opinions as to the best way to do things, and they differed a bit. My dad tried to insert his opinion, too. After all, it was his stuff and his building. We talked over him several times, insistent one of our ways would work.

Then, he firmly interjected, “Hey! Let me manage!”

My dad is like that. He wants to share his opinion, his suggestions. To be honest, his approach is often a really good one.

His interjection reminded me of how I treat God at times. I think my ideas are pretty good. I compare with others to get an even better plan. I don’t stop long enough to listen to the suggestions God is giving me all along.

He’s not usually insistent. He can be firm. He is always right. He has the best plan. He patiently waits for me to listen. I can only ignore Him for so long. I might try to manage, but compared to God, I’m pretty limited. After all, life is about Him. It’s all His.

Listen to His management today. He knows what He’s doing.

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