Who Do You Need? Who Do You Love?

I love me. I love myself. And I don’t need anyone else.

I scanned the radio stations as I traveled, trying to find something to keep me entertained. The tune was catchy, so I stopped and listened. The chorus repeated before I realized the words.

I love me. I love myself. And I don’t need anyone else.


I’m glad she loves herself, and I can certainly relate to occasional bouts of not wanting to need anyone else, especially a person or two in particular. But is it even possible to not need anyone else?

Of course not!

From a practical stand point, consider all the things that others do for you. Who built your house? Who provides all the ingredients for your favorite food? Who built your car, refined the oil that filled your tank with gasoline, and developed the machine that allows you to pay for it and everything else you buy? Who keeps track of your money at the bank, made your clothes, and made your toilet paper? Seriously. Be honest. We need people.

Of course, it’s even more important on a spiritual level. We need people because God created us for relationship–with Him and others. And not just the kinds of relationships that feel good, encourage and fulfill us. He also uses those frustrating, challenging, sharpening relationships that make us want to sing (or scream) we don’t need anyone else!

Pay attention to the songs you sing, even to yourself. They might just be a glimpse of your heart.

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