The Timing of a Gift


The host of a women’s retreat gave me a book as an appreciation gift. In my opinion, a book is a difficult gift to choose and give. Perhaps it’s because I grew up and raised a family of readers. We had to be careful not to buy books someone had already read or books they had no interest in reading. It seems the more people read, even if you know their topics of interest, the pickier they are about the books they read, especially on those specific topics.

But I didn’t have the book the host gave me. And it looked like it was something I would buy for myself had I run across it. And I was getting ready to leave on a vacation on which I’d have a lot of time to read!

It was perfect timing, especially since the book focused on solitude.

As I soaked it up for several days during vacation, I soaked in solitude. My surroundings were peaceful. My reading was challenging, yet peaceful. My mind, heart, and soul were peaceful.

I marveled at God’s timing of picking out that book for that time. I don’t know if I would have appreciated it as much if I had read it during a busy week in the comfort of my own home. God collided the environment and my relaxed schedule with a reminder of the importance of solitude. I appreciate the gift of the book. Even more, I appreciate God’s gift of colliding content with opportunity, so I would receive His reminder in a way I would welcome it.

God is good at timing His gifts, both tangible and intangible. Pay attention to the gifts He’s presenting to you today. Trust His timing. Savor them, and invite Him to challenge and nourish you through them.

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