Little Details Are Big

On the third day of vacation, we decided to go for a drive through the mountains. The clouds had moved in, and the temperatures dipped, so it seemed a good day to explore. With the clouds, however, came obscured views. We didn’t get to enjoy the majestic views of mountain tops. In fact, we saw very few “big” views. Instead, we saw details we might have otherwise missed.

Instead of always looking up, we looked around. We saw the feathering effects of low clouds. We saw the flocking of snow on evergreens. We noticed side roads and wondered where they led. We wondered what life was like in some of the areas where the roads led.

Big views capture our attention. We wonder at the majesty of God’s creation. We need big views for perspective. But we also need the smaller, detailed views. We wonder at the details of God’s creation. It’s difficult to believe in a small god when looking at the details and majesty of God’s creation.

We probably missed out on some amazing views during that drive, but weren’t disappointed by what we couldn’t see. There was too much to see. Bigger isn’t always better. Sometimes the smallest things can serve as the best reminder of just how big God is.

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