My Life with God

Retracing Your Steps

Then the Lord said to him, “Go and return by the way you came…” (1 Kings 19:15)

sander-zelhem-green-passageSometimes we need to retrace our steps. Sometimes what is behind becomes what is forward. Our past is often woven into our future, not just in memory, but in learning something new, changing our perspective, healing, correcting. We don’t return to the past because we need to camp there, feel sorry for ourselves, or try to recreate a season or situation we loved. We repurpose the journey. We open our eyes to the possibilities. We let God guide us to new experiences in some old places. He extends the invitation because He knows our futures the best. He knows what we need ahead, and sometimes that means returning the way we came, not in our stubbornness or selfishness but in humble obedience to Him.

1 thought on “Retracing Your Steps”

  1. “We let God guide us to new experiences in some old places. “- This is a profound thought. Last week, we went to Florida on vacation. We still own a home a few hours south of Orlando (we moved to Charlotte a year ago) and we also lived in Miami, Key Largo and Islamorada years & years ago. While down there, we visited three of our old homes in ONE was surreal…It felt a bit depressing at first because my kids are now all grown, but we also enjoyed our favorite restaurants and activities..having “new experiences in old places” Learning to embrace the past in a positive way is not always easy. We went to a favorite restaurant of my father’s who is now deceased. I felt myself actually thinking “we’re here dad..we are here in your favorite spot!” It was sad, but it also felt good to be there. Learning to turn old places into friendly environments for new growth and experiences is a challenge worth facing..and it reminds us once again that we are simply passing through..


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