Trusting in Less-Than-Ideal Conditions

My husband wanted to explore some new areas by driving in the Rockies on a cold morning. The road was damp, and I watched the numbers on the digital temperature display slowly but steadily drop: 38…37…36. The snow was beautiful as it slowly drifted to the ground, but I continued to watch the temperature as we climbed into the mountains: 35…34…33…32. The fall temperatures had been cold enough that I knew the moisture on the roads could easily freeze. We were on unfamiliar, twisting roads.

We briefly discussed whether or not to keep driving. My husband really wanted to continue, but I was concerned. He said, “How about this: I take it slow and if the conditions get any worse or you get too concerned to enjoy the drive, we’ll turn around.”

Fair enough.

We continued on.

We didn’t turn around. Conditions didn’t get too much worse. Well, not until we began the return trip and realized fog had set in. But my husband took is slow and stead. He was alert and careful. It was a nice, beautiful journey and day.

I’m not always comfortable with the journey I’m on, especially under less-than-ideal conditions. When I reflect on my faith journey, I realize I’m sometimes hesitant to trust God as He guides. I focus more on the risks than the possibilities. I focus more on my concerns than God’s trustworthiness.

Who God is always trumps my limited perspective of the path He has me on.

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