My Life with God

Claim God’s Love

We don’t always feel God’s love. We live in the messiness of life. We don’t feel as if we deserve it, or we can’t imagine why we find ourselves in our pain, struggles, and conflicts if God actually loves us. We find a variety of reasons to struggle with whether or not God can love us.

It’s not about whether or not God loves us. He does. He is love. Yes, He is also just, faithful, convicting, righteous, and more. He loves us enough that He won’t leave us as we are, because He knows our potential. He knows His plans. He also knows everything that gets in the way, including what gets in the way of our acceptance of His love.

We can claim God’s love despite not feeling it. In fact, when it actually has to do with God’s love, not our feelings, we really can’t help but accept it. After all, God gets to define His love; we don’t. He gets to dispense it; we don’t. We can reject it, but it doesn’t diminish it. We just miss out.

Choose to claim God’s love in its purest form, as He intends, not as you understand or feel.

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