The Winds of Change

tumblr_n95zyakht41snexhzo1_1280When the winds of change blow, some people build walls others build windmills.

Which is your default setting?

To be honest, sometimes we need to hunker down and take cover because the change is so life-altering, we need to ride out the storm until it settles enough to let us pick up the debris and rebuild. But most times, changes is much more gradual. We might feel a bit windblown, but a little wind rarely hurts us. We might get a bit of dirt in our faces. Our hair might swirl around. We might need to be careful opening our car doors and secure a few loose items outside, but we survive.

Not only do we survive, but we benefit from the wind. Seeds blow around and germinate, replenishing vegetation. Wet soil dries so farmers can get in their fields and we can walk on the ground without getting muddy. Dust that has settled blows away.

And we can get energy from windmills. They can energize and equip us to move forward. They can sustain us to persevere. But we have to be willing to put in the effort and ask, “How can we grow from this change?”

It’s an important question to ask. Avoiding change might cause us to avoid growth, too.

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