Why Ask Questions?

Few things can be more frustrating than someone asking a question, then spending more time telling his or her own thoughts, or explaining the answer he or she already knows, instead of listening. If the asker is a teacher, it’s okay, even expected. But in everyday life, everyday conversation, everyday relationships, it seems condescending, insensitive, and rude.

A question should be an invitation to share and discover. Listening is difficult. It takes patience. But we learn in the patience of listening. We get to know the person. We better understand his or her perspective, so we’re better able to share what we think, ask follow-up questions, and encourage the person. And we show respect.

When we ask God questions, how patient and attentive are we? How much do we try to talk through the answer? Do we pause or do we fill space?

He certainly wants to hear what’s on our minds, but He also wants to answer our questions…in His timing and wisdom, of course.

2 thoughts on “Why Ask Questions?

  1. Good to see you this morning! Prayers to you and your family for Gods loving embrace. All is well here and plan to have a much needed mom/daughter day! Thanks sunshine!

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    1. So good to see you, too! I went to Panera and start reading my next lesson. Just the first paragraph prompted me to pray for you and your daughter. Savor your time together. Even when we don’t understand or like what is going on, God is sufficient. Love you!


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