My Life with God

Sweet Morning Time

photo-1473252812967-d565c3607e28One of my best friends comes to my house early one day each week. We’ve just regained our routine of getting together regularly. Each of us had some life shifts that took us a bit to settle into, but I think it made our reconnection even sweeter.

She leaves for work earlier than I do, so I sometimes go to work early and other times fit in something before work. Like a couple weeks ago. My house was quiet. My neighborhood was just beginning to wake up. The sun wasn’t quite peeking over the horizon,

It’s amazing how beautiful the world can be even when I can’t see the details.

I spent around an hour and a half praying, reading, and writing. And breathing, savoring God’s presence and provision. By the time I went to work, I felt as if the short time I’d been awake was nearly an entire day. I was ready to forge ahead with a deep sense of peace.

That’s what peace does: it strengthens and motivates us forward. We move ahead even into uncertainties.

I love how God provides so creatively and abundantly. It is early morning as I jot these words, and I am thankful to watch the sky brighten outside my kitchen window.

Thank you, God, for yet another morning to live for you and with you.

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