We Can Disagree with Respect

tumblr_inline_mwf14khrWx1rbgndjWe can have sharp disagreements without sharp words.

I promise you it is possible.

Our preferences, convictions, and “rights” get in the way. We think we have the right to argue for truth with any approach we want. (Reality check: Ephesians 4:15) But a righteous purpose does not justify unrighteous means. We think we have the obligation to stand up for our rights; after all, everyone else gets to voice their opinions; shouldn’t we, too? Jesus wasn’t all that into rights. In fact, there aren’t a lot of rights that come along with being His follower. Sure, there are some really great eternal perks, and we definitely get support, courage, guidance, counsel, and strength in this life, too, but rights?

Confront with respect.

Disagree with respect.

Be willing to listen.

Express your viewpoint with humility and love.

You can have a firm center with soft edges. Otherwise, you’re likely not going to influence people in a way that honors God.

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