My Life with God

Lean Back and Trust

481512df567a16d75190348618e9ee61I caught myself leaning forward a bit in the office chair during staff meeting. I noticed it because I realized the person to my left, who was leaning way back in his chair, might not be able to see the person to my right. I started to lean back, then paused. I remembered one reason to not lean back.

I didn’t completely trust the chair. The first week I sat in in, it gave way. It wasn’t much. I didn’t fall. But it startled me. Others chuckled, because apparently, it wasn’t the first time it had happened. In fact, I soon learned that someone’s chair seems to give way a little bit every few weeks. I don’t know if it is always the same chair that somehow gets switched around or if the chairs are just faulty. Either way, I’m not going to trust them by leaning all the way back. If it ever gives way when I am completely relaxed in it, I will end up on the floor!

We say we believe in God, but do we trust Him? Or, do we lean forward a bit, because it’s safer? We keep a little bit of control (or at least, the illusion of it). But the truth is God is fully trustworthy. In fact, He’s the only One who is. He won’t let us down. Oh, we’ll feel uncertain. We’ll feel shifts in support. We’ll even fall and fail by our own standards, but God knows differently. He knows the support we need and the freedom to shift we need.

If we want to believe God, we have to go beyond knowing about Him and claiming Him when it’s comfortable and convenient. In order to truly believe Him, we must trust Him more and more, regardless of our circumstances.

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