My Life with God

God’s Reach through Seasons

season-dont-waste-your-season-life-seasons-seasons-with-god-embrace-your-season1God doesn’t just use one season for the next. We can tell each other that God works all things for our good and for His glory, yet we often use that thinking to convince ourselves that whatever we’re going through surely have purpose. It will turn into something. It will not only be purposeful but also beneficial. The soil of today grows the flowers of tomorrow.

But some of the stuff of today is manure. Sure, it might fertilize the flowers of tomorrow, and we might understand the purpose it has, but we still don’t like it. We’d rather distance ourselves from it. Not to mention all the things in our lives that need to be pruned and deadheaded. God doesn’t just turn everything in our lives into something useful. He gets rid of some things because of their detrimental effects. He doesn’t just use one season to produce the next. He brings one out from another. God knows the core of each one, and He reaches in to grasp the necessities that need to be pulled into the next.

We can’t understand the purpose of everything in each season of our lives, but we can trust God to be purposeful.

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